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Professional timeline

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Professional timeline Empty Professional timeline

Post by T.N.T. Mon 27 Jun - 11:37

May 19, 1954:
Phillip Hugh Norman Witschke is born, later adding Rudzevecuis - which he shortened to Rudd -
through his stepfather

Rudd's parents buy him a toy drum kit, kicking off his musical obsession

Rudd auditions for AC/DC and is hired immediately

Rudd has a nervous breakdown

January 20, 1980:
AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott dies of alcohol poisoning, shaking Rudd to his core

June 1981:
Rudd and Ms Bentami meet at a party at his Paris apartment and begin dating

November 23, 1981:
For Those About To Rock is released

February 1982:
Rudd and Ms Bentami move to Melbourne after the album tour is over. He buys a house for them in Beaumaris

June 1982:
AC/DC moves to London as a base for a world tour, the couple move into a townhouse in Belgravia

July-September, 1982:
After six shows in Japan, European concerts from July 17 to September 19 are cancelled due to Rudd's drug addiction

October 1, 1982:
Tommy Rudd is born at Welbeck Hospital in London

December 1982:
Rudd and Ms Bentami return to Melbourne sometime after the tour ends

May 1983:
Ms Bentami and Tommy leave and fly back to France

June/July 1983:
Rudd is kicked out of AC/DC two hours after a fight with Malcolm Young amid Rudd's escalating drug addiction. He moves to New Zealand

Late 1983:
Rudd marries Kiwi woman Lisa O'Brien, they have five children - Steven, Jack, Milla, Tuesday, and Lucia

November 1991:
Rudd is invited by AC/DC to jam with them while they tour New Zealand

Late 1993:
Rudd rejoins the band officially

Rudd and his wife Lisa separate

Rudd escapes an assault conviction for pushing his chest into Lisa and holding a clenched fist to her face,
before grabbing her arms and pretending to push her overboard from his luxury yacht, the Barchetta

December 1, 2010:
Rudd is found guilty of possessing 25g of marijuana but again escapes conviction on the grounds
that it may stop him touring with AC/DC

Rudd buys a huge waterfront mansion in Tauranga, in New Zealand's Bay of Plenty

July 30, 2011:
Rudd opens 'Phil's Place', an upmarket restaurant at the Tauranga marina

July 2012:
Phil's Place closes until April 2013 after a dispute with several staff. Rudd asked for an antipasto platter
to be delivered to his yacht but it was instead sent to his helicopter hangar.
He went to the restaurant and yelled, 'you are all f**king useless' and 'you're all f**king fired.'
He was ordered to pay NZ$72,000 ($65,600) in an unfair dismissal case

November 6, 2014:
Rudd is arrested and charged with trying to hire a hitman to kill a former employee, along with two threatening
to kill charges and possessing 91g of marijuana and 0.478g of meth.
The procuring a murder charge is withdrawn the next day

November 2014:
Several prostitutes detail sordid orgies with up to five women in Rudd's boat and mansion,
some lasting days where he blew thousands on sex services.
'I would never go there again even if you paid me a million dollars a week,' one said,
calling him 'a sick bastard, trying to keep up with his image'

April 21, 2015:
Rudd pleads guilty to all but one of the threatening to kill charges and is ordered to pay $120,000 ($109,000)
in reparations and spend eight months under house arrest. Somewhere in that time he is dropped from AC/DC

July 2015:
Rudd is briefly thrown back in jail accused of breaching his home detention by having alcohol and prostitutes
at his mansion

November 28, 2017:
Rudd reconciles with Angus Young at Malcolm Young's funeral and is asked to rejoin AC/DC

August 2018:
Rudd is spotted with AC/DC secretly recording Power Up, the band's most recent album, in Vancouver

Early 2019:
Rudd sells his famous mansion for NZ$4.1 million after listing it in November 2018

September 30, 2020:
AC/DC announces Rudd has rejoined the band

Late 2020:
Ms Bentami sends Rudd an email begging for him to buy their grandchildren a house in France
where she can live close to them and Tommy. She is yet to get a reply

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