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Family man ?

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Family man ? Empty Family man ?

Post by T.N.T. Tue 9 Jun - 15:22

Published: 06:46 GMT, 10 October 2014

Dirty Deeds!

AC/DC frontman Bon Scott visited two women in the same hospital after they BOTH gave birth to his babies.

AC/DC's lead singer Bon Scott visited two different women in the same maternity ward after they gave birth
to his children at the same time, reveals a new book about the Australian rock band.

According to the band's previous manager and author of 'Dog Eat Dog',
Michael Browning, neither woman knew of the other's existence.

In his tell-all book, Browning reveals intimate snapshots of the musicians lives in the five years he spent
with them.  

'This was one if those moments when Scott had strayed a again into the dark world of drug taking,
'Browning told the Daily Mail Australia. 'On this occasion he was given a dose of heroine by
a couple of young ladies which made him turn a particular shade of green.

'They tried to revive him by giving him a kind of amphetamine and when that didn't work,
they carted him off to the hospital where he recovered.

'When I visited him the next day in hospital, he was kind of chirpy and having a bit of fun with a couple of the nurses,
then he made the comment that the last time he was in hospital was to visit two women
who were both having his babies.'

Did he keep in contact with those women?

'I don't know, I don't think so, I think they were just some of his many "liaisons,"' said Browning.
'But it does beg the question, where are the siblings? And I can say there are at least those two out there.'

Family man ? Bons_310

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